Monday, 13 May 2013

Online Dating Tips: Strengthening Communication

We’re in the digital age, which means online personals have become a mainstream mode to find a date. Perhaps you’ve taken the initiative to try out a site like Great! Now it’s time to relearn the rules of the manhunt.

Communication is key. For example, that dreaded first email. Let’s say you have a great profile, you’ve made initial contact, but now what? You wait, check your inbox a million times, and after getting no response, you make plans to join a convent.

Don’t be silly. You know the right guy is out there for you. Just follow these 5 tips that’ll put the odds of getting a response in your favor!

1. Read profiles before making contact: This is how you determine whether you’re compatible and have common interests. After you decide to send a message, include a line that shows you read the profile. People generally appreciate the effort and will reciprocate.

2. Be honest! Don’t exaggerate your qualities or misrepresent yourself. After all, if you plan on meeting singles face-to-face and you’re not that 5’11” Cindy Crawford lookalike you showcased on your profile, it will be awkward. Take your mom’s advice: honesty is the best policy.

3. Don’t abbreviate too many words: An abbreviation here and there is okay, but if a person needs a decoder ring to figure out what you’re trying to say, chances are they will just hit the delete button.

4. Sell yourself without sounding full of yourself: Your friends and family know you’re awesome, but continuous self-promotion is a turn off. Remember, you want to engage people with your message, not make them scoff and roll their eyes.

5. End with a question: Asking questions will prompt potential dates to respond. For example, if a person’s profile says they’re into hiking, ask them something like, “I see you’re into hiking! Me too. Do you have any favorite trails?” Easy, right?

Now single ladies, take this advice and find a love match!

Thanks to Lauren Conrad for this article

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