Monday, 20 May 2013

Is It All About Sex?

For mature daters, re-entering the dating game can be a shocking and intimidating experience.  Most likely, you've been in serious, long term relationships or have been married - so you haven’t had to worry about things like first dates or when to sleep with someone for the first time…and it can seem like sex is everywhere.
There is also a lot of pressure to keep up with other women, but always remember - just because some woman will sleep with a guy on date number two doesn't mean you need to…or he even really wants you to.
If you've been out of practice for awhile, here’s a little refresher course!  Men thrive on attraction and love a good challenge, so giving it all up at the beginning quickly bores him.  Some women believe that the only way to get a guy to call them again is to get physical too soon…these are the women who usually end  up waiting by the phone wondering why he disappeared.
Men are able to separate sex and emotions, where women have more of a difficult time doing this-it’s just how we are wired.  Spark his attraction by posing a challenge and by not letting him get what he wants, at least not right away.  You can be sexy without resorting to sex, and any man worth your time realizes this. Making him wait for a bit before sleeping with him also shows you what his true intentions are-if he’s only in it for sex, chances are he won’t stay around waiting very long-he’ll move onto an easier target.
Getting physical should be on your terms, and only when you feel completely ready.  Ignore what you think you “should” do to keep his interest…only do what feels right for you, as cliché as it is.  Don’t try to keep up with anyone else, or rely totally on the physical to form a connection. 
Remember, you have nothing to prove…and everything to gain.

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